Regulatory And Government Affairs

R“egulatory and government affairs, governance, fairness monitoring, and shareholder and analyst communications:


- Investor Relations;


- Fairness Monitoring;


- Government Relations; and Governance;


- Ethics communications and employee training.


•We have consulted on privacy, strategy, and e-security in light of their indispensable relevance to corporate functions and governance; and we have drafted Bylaws and advised on governance for a 12,000+ member alumni association.


•Investors can make or break a business venture, whether this is Angel Investors in a startup, institutional investors at an Initial Public Offering (IPO), shareholders voting on a slate of Directors, or the weight of a proxy vote for or against a sale or consolidation.  Disclosure rules have become more stringent and multijurisdictional in nature, giving employees multiple and not always overlapping hoops through which to jump to stay on the right side of the law.  Investors need to hear from management; management needs to communicate with employees; and, regulators would love to hear from all three of these groups, if and when something is amiss.  We can assist with regulatory and government affairs; having a principal who is a past member of a legislative affairs team that negotiated real-time changes to laws in active consideration on the legislative floor…in state house, just across the street at that time.


·Our principal gained in-depth proficiency working with complex regulatory and technical language and documents through advocacy before the Zoning & Planning Board, the Environmental Control Board, the Landlord & Tenant Tribunal; peer-reviewed publication; and an internship in the Satellite Policy Branch of the International Bureau, at the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


•Modern administrative law requires that parties be granted both procedural fairness (in the rules) and substantive fairness (in the outcome) - even if the end result is ultimately not in their favour.  We can help monitor and evaluate and advise on proceedings, contracting practices, and other matters, in order to help avoid potential fairness issues.


•For more details on some of our views on, and approaches to regulatory, government, shareholder and analyst communications, ethics, and training - in this case with regard to e-Commerce - please see here: