Issues Counseling

I“ssues Counseling (litigation, ADR, avoiding and impeding issues, or reacting):


- Litigation and ADR management, and cost containment;


- Crisis Communication planning and management;


- Contingent coping, curative, and compensatory measures.


•When things do go awry, as they sometimes can through accident, inadvertence, or employee misdeeds, matters need to be handled professionally and in accordance with any regulatory standard or rule of disclosure that is or may be applicable.  Litigation and costs must be contained, insurers advised, internal investigations done, and contingent curative, coping, and compensatory measures activated; likely as already long-planned and held on standby as a precaution.  We can advise and counsel on this.


•For more details on some of our issues counseling, crisis communications, and contingency measures views and approaches, in this case with regard to Cybersecurity, please see here: