Sensitive • Confidential • Regulatory • Internal • Privileged • Time-sensitive • Strategic


•Within a time span of under 100 days and working through George Law Offices, we: (i) assembled a project team of 24 diverse professionals (PhDs, MBAs, Masters’ Degree holders, economists, an MD and RNs, lawyers and paralegals, other accredited professionals, and students) in Florida, Ottawa, Toronto and Owen Sound; (ii) conceptualized, conducted, and coordinated high-tempo operations in over a dozen separate and distinct sites, with each site characterized by multidisciplinary deliverables spanning the legal, technical, medical, and fiscal; and (iii) delivered a comprehensive report of several hundred pages in a multi-faceted, highly fluid “law-centric” investigation touching-upon all of the 7 above “Investigations” criteria.  Standing ability to rapid-source and enable multidisciplinary teams across several jurisdictions on a just-in-time basis (with multiple contingent redundancies), and then perform on the assigned task, is a core competence of S’imprime-ça / George Law Offices.


•For more details on our Project Management views and approaches (as also available on Project Management Hut, the global resource for professional project managers everywhere), please see here: