Effective Lead and Opportunity Marketing

E“ffective lead and opportunity marketing:


- Content marketing;


- Opportunity mining;


- Advocacy, and building coalitions.


•With a background in Sociology and significant experience in marketing (door to door, word of mouth, online, telemarketing, and in print), we know how to sell.  We are also keenly aware that knowing sales, alone, does not guarantee success unless you know far more about the selling environment (terrain), business and selling processes (operations), and the smorgasbord of willing, co-opted, and standby participants (players).  In the hyper-competitive current dynamic environment with tightened budgets, cautious consumers, and the need for high-impact and high-yield strategies that leverage hidden or otherwise non-obvious opportunities into solid competitive advantage long before one’s competitors can react or even awake to the new status quo that you have introduced, we might just be able to help you.


•For more details on how we advise on putting-aside the outdated “SWOT” analysis; leveraging the full multidisciplinary panoply of business, legal, industry, technical, and strategic knowledge skills and abilities; and flattening-out the duplicative, convoluted “seven smart business strategy sisters” (SSBSS) into a new comprehensive paradigm of modern business intelligence that properly and yet flexibly targets the 3 core - Terrain, Operations, and Players domains (we call it “TOP” Analysis), please see here: