Media Effectiveness

M“edia effectiveness, audit, and tracking:


- Event planning, design, and management;


- Surveys, contributed articles, and write-in contests;


- Analysis and negotiation of priorities, ratios and results, interests, media messages, alternatives, regulations, and issues and disputes.


We have conceptualized, planned, marketed and managed numerous for-profit social and community events for up to 1,500 guests; designing promotional materials and utilizing and optimizing multiple marketing channels in print, radio, telco., word of mouth, and incentive marketing.  The medium is key!


•Client or customer feedback is also crucial to business planning and program delivery.  We can provide critical input in planning, designing, and coordinating events to either solicit, retrieve and interpret this feedback, or act upon it to further the business or organizational goals; structuring target-specific and issue-centred surveys and questionnaires, and using social media responsibly.


•For more details on some of our Media views and approaches, please see here: